Would-Be Cop Killer Is New Ferguson Hero


The lynch mob finds a new pretext for unleashing its violence.

“I Don’t Think We Should be Tolerating Conservative Views”


West is a close personal friend to Louis Farrakhan

Cornel West Having Trouble Getting Anyone to Pay Attention to Him


And the one thing a troll hates is being ignored.

Who Owns OWS?


The narcissistic academics claiming credit for inspiring the occupiers.

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Union Seminary Cheerleads Wall Street Occupation


Why liberal Protestantism has imploded.

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Obama’s Professor and America’s Cultural Crisis


Cornel West is a Rosetta Stone of our national disaster.

Idiot Watch (NewsReal Blog) – by David Horowitz


Cornel West reveals his basic problem with love relationships.

Kay S. Hymowitz: What Cornel West and Larry Summers actually agree about, City Journal

Is there anyone in public life more reviled than economic eminence and White House chief economic advisor Larry Summers? Liberals, moderates, women, academics, and now, with his hand in the financial crisis, Middle America: he’s managed to offend them all. But if there is any good still lingering anywhere in the vicinity of Summers, the […]