The Democratic Disgrace


Why corruption is the Democratic Party’s new normal.

Los Angeles’ Gay Mexican County Assessor to Continue Receiving $197,000 Salary in Jail

Assessor pleads not guilty to bribery, seeks to have bail reduced.

Antonovich said he personally believed that “Noguez has not abandoned his job by virtue of choice — he’s been incarcerated for allegations of corruption and until a court of law convicts him of a crime, he’s still the assessor of Los Angeles County.”

True The Vote


A non-partisan movement helps citizens take a stand for free and fair elections.

Corruption: The Modern-Day Plague of Egypt


The Muslim Brotherhood campaigns for Sharia law as the answer.

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous


How the unelected tyrants of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas amass fortunes from foreign aid money.

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‘UN Me’ Provides a Valuable Service


A new documentary shows why it’s time to scrap the corrupt international body.

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Russia Sinking


The pathologies dragging a great nation down.

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Putin Rebuffed


Despite a rigged election, Russian voters deal a setback to Putin and his party.

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Obama’s Summer of Corruption


What new dirty secrets will be exposed in the coming months?

Friedman’s China Odyssey


The New York Times columnist’s obsession with the human-rights-abusing People’s Republic.