The Daily Beast’s Hit Piece on Cory Booker Sure is Weak


Johnson was doing the investigative journalism that Nuzzi wasn’t willing to do.

The Secret to Cory Booker’s Success is Being Obama w/o the Edge


Take the Obama image from 2008, subtract Wright, Ayers, Jarrett

The Problem with the Booker-Zuckerberg $100 Million Newark School Plan Wasn’t Charter Schools…


The whole system is corrupt and exists to siphon away money.

Did the White House Convince Cory Booker Not to Run as a Favor to Governor Christie?


Sure Governor Christie is, technically, a Republican, and Cory Booker is a popular Democrat, but in the net asset column, Christie did a lot for Obama’s reelection campaign, he may have even clinched it, while Booker undermined Obama by challenging the Bain narrative, leading many leftists to urge that he be forced to pay a price.

The Trials of Cory Booker


Newark’s Democratic mayor comes under attack for telling the truth about Obama’s anti-capitalist reelection campaign.

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