Reid Goes Nuclear

Harry Reid

On to packing the court system with Obama’s radicals.

Islamic ‘Racism’: Muslim Blood Superior to Infidel Blood


Why should the followers of Islam pay for the death of American diplomat John Granville?

A New Court Battle for ObamaCare


The killer loophole the Obama administration didn’t see coming.

Death For Hasan


The jihadist murderer gets the death sentence — but will he end up with a cushy life in prison?

Judge Throws Out Discrimination Charges Against Paula Deen


But the civil rights lynch mob achieves its damage.

“Allah Made Me Do It”


A new accepted criminal defense.

U.S. Aid Funding Palestinian Terrorism


The Obama administration tries to dismiss a lawsuit that threatens to expose how American taxpayers’ money ends up in terrorists’ hands.

The Childish Defense of Bradley Manning


Why “anti-secrecy” activists only cause war and conflict, not peace.

35 Years in Prison for 166 Dead


American scout for Mumbai terrorist attack gets off light.

How Two Al-Qaeda Fundraisers Were Set Free

al qaeda

A slap on the wrist for two Jihadists.

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