How Two Al-Qaeda Fundraisers Were Set Free

al qaeda

A slap on the wrist for two Jihadists.

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Yoo Ruling Upholds Definition of ‘Enemy Combatant’


How the 9th Circuit Court reversed misguided Obama administration policies on the war on terror.

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Lars Hedegaard’s “Racism” Case Goes Before Supreme Court


President of the Danish Free Press Society stands firm on his fight in “the most important political struggle of our time.”

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If Obamacare Squeaks by This Time…

Obamacare Whats in a Name

Even if the insurance mandate is upheld, another constitutional challenge awaits.

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The Persecution of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff


A free speech activist is convicted in an Austrian court for stating an Islamically-documented truth about Mohammed.

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NLRB vs Boeing — Tyranny vs Freedom


Shocking dictatorial practices in the US.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel Charged


In Germany, expressing happiness about bin Laden’s death comes with legal consequences.

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Free Speech Under Assault at Sinclair Community College


The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education challenges another college speech code.

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Elian Gonzalez: When Eric Holder Earned His Spurs


Remembering how Clinton’s INS forcibly returned a Cuban slave when Castro clapped his hands.

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In Defense of Freedom


Ashcroft’s speech at the Heritage Foundation reminds us of a time when securing freedom was a government priority.