Bill de Blasio’s Red Apple Agenda


State of the City speech delivers a goody bag for criminals, illegal aliens and welfare voters.

Welcome to Black History Month 2014


Please ignore the crime and violence.

IRS Employee Stole $326,000 through Identity Theft (VIDEO)


Brown obtained the Social Security Numbers without their consent or knowledge

Can a Beauty Queen’s Murder Bring Down Socialism?


How the murder of a former Miss Venezuela is threatening the post-Chavez regime.

Burkas Are the New Ski Masks for Criminals


“They had the whole-body Muslim garb,” the Collingdale Police Chief said.

Pro-Crime Liberal Politician Beaten Up by 2 Black Women over iPhone


“As mayor, I will support a rigorous police conduct review process.”

Is It Too Soon to Say ‘I Told You So’?

NYC Mayoral Candidate Bill de Blasio Campaigns In Brooklyn

Awaiting the impending rise in crime under Bill de Blasio.

Armed Robber’s Family Angry at Customer Who Shot Him for No Reason


“What gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?”

Media Blackout of the ‘Knockout Game’


As evidence of hate crimes mounts.

New York City Housing Projects Are About to Get a Lot More Dangerous

Projects in Morrisania

This one isn’t even on De Blasio. It’s on Barack Obama.