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Racism Card Looking a Little Dog-Eared


Have liberals polled the elderly black residents of high-crime neighborhoods on stop-and-frisk?

Detroit Cops Begin Supplementing Missing Pensions with Armed Robbery


Some Detroit cops are finding creative ways to supplement their income.

The Left’s Newest ‘Civil Right’ — the Right to Be Murdered


New York votes to curb one of the most effective anti-crime policies ever implemented.

Crime and Non-Punishment in Sweden


Littering, jaywalking, gang rape – what’s the difference?

The Premature Mirandizing of a Terrorist


Why the Obama administration gives jihadists more rights than their victims — and the deadly cost we’ll pay for it.

Chicago Solving Only 1/4 of its Murders, Asks Internet to Identify Murder Victims


Chicago’s failure isn’t just isolated to its own borders. The political culture of misrule has been exported to Washington.

Philadelphia’s Burqa Crisis


The more full-body coverings around, the more likely they will facilitate criminal activity.

Chicago Police Will No Longer Respond to Burglaries or Robberies


If your car has been stolen or your home has been broken into, don’t bother dialing 911. The Chicago Police Department has better things to do than to troop down to your home, look over the damage and tell you there’s no way you’re getting any of it back.

The Great Power of Washington

White House Protests

What D.C. tells us about Obama and America.