Stand Up for Baltimore’s Real Victims


We should sympathize with victims, not criminals.

35% of ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion Beneficiaries will be Criminals


ObamaCare meets the needs of Obama’s base

3/4 of Criminals Vote for Democrats


Since there isn’t an official Crime Party with a platform of legalizing murder…

The Premature Mirandizing of a Terrorist


Why the Obama administration gives jihadists more rights than their victims — and the deadly cost we’ll pay for it.

ObamaCare Puts Criminals on the Medicaid Train


Many of the 650,000 inmates released from prison each year will be eligible for something else: health care by way of Medicaid, thanks to ObamaCare.

Obama Administration Redefines ‘Dangerous’ Illegal Aliens


Providing more opportunities for criminal offenders to roam the streets.

Washington, D.C. to Release Illegal Alien Criminals Back into Communities


The deadly consequences of left-wing orthodoxy.

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Symposium: Why Do Progressives Love Criminals?


Three distinguished guests shed light on the Left’s romance with the incarcerated.

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Criminality as a Career Path – by Rita Karlsen


In order to qualify for welfare and a pension in Norway, foreign criminals have to commit serious crimes.