California Grad Students Claim Correcting their Spelling is Racist

Protesters hold up placards showing the portrait of German central bank executive Thilo Sarrazin before a public reading to present his book 'Deutschland schafft sich ab' (Germany does away with itself) in Potsdam

Students described spelling corrections on their dissertation proposals as “micro-aggression.”

What That Miley Cyrus is Racist Thing is About


It’s like MSNBC but even worse.

You Have No Idea How Racist You Are

obama half white cbs

“Every time they say, ‘We want our country back,’ I know what that means,” Susan Bankston, a white Democratic National Convention delegate from Richmond, Texas, said at the gathering last week.

Only Critical Race Theory Can Defeat China


If you were really concerned with solving racism, you would abandon trying to solve it and get a job teaching Critical Race Theory so that our children will be able to out-compete China in the field of crying privilege while the Chinese laugh their asses off at us.

Another Piece of Obama’s Radical Puzzle


The president’s fondness for a race-obsessed, America-hating professor is exposed.

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