The Chavez Revolution Is Over


Venezuela is going down.

Communist Dictator of Cholera-Ridden Country Offers US Help Fighting Ebola

Pictured: Cuban Medicine

If Michael Moore catches Ebola, we’ll be sure to ship him your way

Commies vs Caliphate: Muslims Demand Mosque from Castro

Not those Cuban Muslims

Cuba currently has zero mosques.

Cuban Intelligence Targets Academia


The alliance between university leftists and communist spies.

Go to Cuba as Lefty Academic, Come Back as Commie Spy


“College campuses are seen as fertile grounds for the recruitment of the ‘next generation’ of spies,”

A Place Where Every Week Is ‘Shark Week’


And why thousands of people have risked their lives to flee it.

Fidel Castro Denounces Palestinian ‘Holocaust’


The hypocrisy of a communist mass murderer.

Jesse Ventura Swoons Over Fidel Castro and Che Guevara


What has Fidel ever done that’s “inhumane”?

Putin Robbed Blind by the Castros


Why many Cuba-watchers snickered.

A Border Massacre of Children the Media Ignored


Where was the media sympathy for immigrant children when Castro slaughtered them at sea?