Digital Media and the War for the Culture


Truth Revolt warriors talk about their successes transforming the culture at the West Coast Retreat.

This Culture War We’re In


We get what we are willing to fight for.

A Day in the Life of a Conservative in Hollywood — on The Glazov Gang


Writer and producer Aaron Shuster shares his battle in a leftist terrain.

Mark Tapson on “Fighting the Culture War” — on The Glazov Gang


Why Conservatives need more filmmakers, songwriters and novelists instead of political lecturers.

Mark Tapson on “Breaking Ranks With the Left” — on The Glazov Gang

explosed link on a chain

The Freedom Center’s Shillman Fellow shares his journey out of the political faith.

Toward a New Conservative Literature


Politics flows downstream from culture.

Professors For Pedophilia


Europe suffers horrific turn in its cultural landscape.

The Left’s Fantasies of Cultural Ghettos


An agenda of cultural hatred exposed.

Crisis in the Arts


Andrew Klavan’s new pamphlet reveals why the Left owns the culture and how conservatives can take it back.

Muslim Rape Culture


The Taliban and their views on women are now here.