Cyprus Says “No Thanks” to Syrian Attack


100 miles off the Syrian coast, Cyprus is ideally positioned for a strike a

An Offer Cypriots Can’t Refuse


Citizens running scared after EU ruling class pushes through draconian cash confiscation deal.

An American Cyprus?


Everyone is scrambling to salvage what they can from an unsustainable system — are we next?

Cyprus and the Rotten Union of Big Government & Big Finance


A significant move is underway toward rule by lawless global bureaucracies.

Road to Serfdom: Eurocrats to Seize Citizen Money from Bank Accounts


Residents of the welfare state system discover there’s no such thing as private property in post-bailout Europe.

The Pathology of Double Standards


Why the international community lacks any moral legitimacy.

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Turkey Turns on Israel

erdogan hamas

Erdogan exposes his fangs to the Jewish state.

Talking Turkey


Where is the apology to Israel — or, for that matter, to the Armenians?