OIC Demands Czech President Apologize for Condemning Islamic Anti-Semitism, but He has the Perfect Comeback

Czech President Milos Zeman in Yad Vashem

“The enemy is anti civilization spreading from North Africa to Indonesia”.

Czech President Milos Zeman Gives Amazing Speech about Islam, Israel and Anti-Semitism

Czech President Milos Zeman in Yad Vashem

“There is a term called political correctness and I consider it to be a euphemism for political cowardice.”

Obama Spending Taxpayer Money to Promote Conversion to Islam in the Czech Republic


One such lecture entitled “Paths of Young Czech Women to Islam”

Czech Neighborhood Wants Explosive Palestinian Embassy to Leave


“In my opinion – we have no choice but to expel the Palestinians.”

Palestinian Arab Ambassador Killed in Mysterious Explosion also had Weapons Cache


The discovered arsenal was enough to arm a unit of 10 men.

Standing Up Against the European Superstate


Former Czech Republic President Václav Klaus’s courageous fight to save freedom in the West.

Czech-Israeli Relations: An Enduring Friendship


The Jewish State’s best friend in both Eastern and Western Europe.

Reading Václav Havel from His Jail Cell


The poet-prime minister’s legacy is a vibrant Prague.

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Hanging Israel Out to Dry


Obama turns his back on the only safe-haven of freedom in the Middle East.

Hijacking Democracy in Greece


Communists and anarchists exploit Greece’s financial crisis to foment a violent revolution.