Katie Couric, Follows Dan Rather, into Online Obscurity


Couric hopes to persuade other TV veterans make the transition into online programming.

Dan Rather Claims CBS Trying to Write Him Out of History


The LA Times story never mentions the words “Microsoft Word”. Instead there’s a conspiracy.

Dan Rather Blames Internet Media Which Caught Him Lying for Decline in Journalism


The media killed its own credibility when it went from inserting bias into legitimate coverage to turning its bias into the coverage.

Got Racism?


Silence from leftists on the racist statements from within their ranks.

Bias on FOX News

FOX media commentator Bernie Goldberg’s weekly appearance on the O’Reilly Factor turned into a shouting match about whether certain unnamed talking heads on FOX News were spinning their biased views as facts.   This was in response to O’Reilly’s question as to why FOX is under constant attack by the “mainstream” media.
After conceding that FOX’s conservative views [...]