FrumForum Overreacts Big-Time To Rand Paul Gaffe

The Left has historically and wrongly used the charge of racism as a potent political weapon to smear conservatives — and they’re at it again now with Rand Paul. But while Paul may be many things — a principled libertarian, a neo-isolationist, soft on defense, etc. — he’s no racist. And conservatives — at the FrumForum and elsewhere — should know better than to shamefully acquiesce in the Left’s latest attempt at character assassination.

Michael Steele Plays the Race Card


The RNC Chairman diminishes himself, his party and his country.

David Frum vs. the Right’s Company Men

David Frum is being criticized and mocked by some prominent conservative thinkers and journalists for engaging in substantive argument and debate. It’s hard to imagine that William F. Buckley, Jr. ever would have countenanced the criticism and derision to which Frum is now being subjected.

Frum Brouhaha Shows Danger on the Right

David Frum’s ouster from the American Enterprise Institute ought to trouble all conservatives who are concerned with the future direction, health and vitality of the conservative movement.

Did David Frum Really Get Forced Out of AEI for His “Heretical” Views? And Is That Really What We Should Be Worried About as the Left Prepares its Next Assault?

I was disturbed yesterday when seeing the news that David Frum had resigned or potentially been “forced out” of his position at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI.) Frum and NewsReal Blog have had their disagreements in the past but I genuinely like and respect the guy.
Frum’s not an enemy who should be slammed like a [...]

Frum’s Fall is the Right’s Loss

David Frum’s forced ouster from the American Enterprise Institute epitomizes larger-scale intellectual and political problems for conservatives.

HCR – Democrats in Winter – Part Deux

A few days ago I took issue with the idea that Obama’s Health Care Reform bill would be his “Waterloo” and suggested instead it would be a long, slow, grinding defeat more along the lines of Napoleon’s retreat from Russia. Nothing in the last twenty-four hours has dissuaded me from this view.
I appreciate this puts me [...]

Ross Douthat: Did The Republicans Blunder On Health Care? –

Yes, say Jonathan Chait and David Frum, in pre-mortems for the G.O.P.’s efforts to derail the Democratic bill. Chait argues that the Republicans could have sold moderate Democrats on a “vastly more limited” piece of legislation, if they’d been willing to compromise early in the process. Instead, by uniting in lockstep opposition and gambling that […]

Coda: Frum v. Horowitz

David Frum has a parting shot for our me in our debate. Before responding let me say that it is gratifying that we could go these three rounds without acrimony, and with a sense that we could engage these issues again down the line in a fraternal manner. That speaks to the health of the [...]

Guess Who Gets Discussed in Part III of Frum Vs. Horowitz…

Part three in David Frum and David Horowitz’s debate about how Conservatism can win again. In brief: Frum wants to knock the Right’s Queens off the board.