At UCLA, the Power of Negative Emotions


The legitimacy of anger against Students for Justice in Palestine.

David Horowitz Claims Credit for #JewHaters Posters at UCLA


The first major public action in the Freedom Center’s new campaign, “Jew Hatred on Campus.”

Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future


The Freedom Center’s incisive pamphlet unmasks the dangerous delusions about jihadist attacks such as the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

50 Years After ‘None Dare Call It Treason,’ David Horowitz Rises to the Occasion


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A Point in Time


David Horowitz’s search for redemption in this life and the next.

The Great Betrayal: Vol. Three of the Black Book of the American Left


The Democrats’ treachery in the War on Terror.

The Democrats’ Great Betrayal


An unprecedented treachery for which the world is paying a dear price.

Democrats Join The Ferguson Lynch Mob As The Case Against Officer Wilson Collapses

Religious leaders hold up their hands as the riot police move in during a protest at the Ferguson Police Department in Ferguson

An autopsy report shatters a leftist lie designed to pocket black votes.

Why Nice Guys Finish Last in Politics


Politics is war, but some Republicans just don’t get it.

The GOP’s Missing Electoral Link


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