GBTV Video – Feature on the “Wall of Lies”


Beck’s new video focuses on two students who helped the Freedom Center
put up the “Palestinian Wall of Lies” last year.

Witness to Life


David Horowitz’s “A Point in Time” offers a moving meditation on man’s confrontation with mortality.

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GBTV Video Feature on our Spring Campus Campaign

SE Cupp from Glenn Beck’s GBTV program interviewed two of the student leaders we worked with last Spring in addition to David Horowitz about the “Wall of Lies” campaign.  We’ll be putting more walls up this Spring on more campuses across the country to combat the genocidal lies being told by anti-Israel hate groups like [...]

A Refreshing Weekend of Real Conservatism


The honor of attending the David Horowitz Restoration Weekend in Palm Beach, Florida.

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David Horowitz Introduces Glenn Beck


David Horowitz made these introductory remarks when Glenn Beck spoke at this year’s Restoration Weekend.

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Herman Cain Speaks at Restoration Weekend


The surprise presidential front-runner issues a challenge to America.

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Horowitz: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are ‘Idiots’


David Horowitz discusses current events and Restoration Weekend with Newsmax.

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Revelations of Time


David Horowitz’s new book offers an honest and moving reflection on life and death.

Rewriting UCSB’s History of Viewpoint Discrimination against Horowitz


The lies and cover up continue.

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Glenn Beck Confirms for Restoration Weekend!


The titan joins an all-star cast in Palm Beach Florida, November 17th–20th.