Frontpage’s 2014 Person of the Year: The American Police Officer


The soldier of civilization fighting to keep it alive.

Support Heroic Police Officers


New York City returns to the bad old days.

De Blasio’s War on Minority Education


The Democratic political machine versus the students.

The Phantom Establishment of the Jewish Anti-Israel Left


No one cares what Alan Alda’s wife thinks about Israel.

The Totalitarians of New York


Choosing between freedom and tyranny in Obama’s America and de Blasio’s New York.

Immigrant Taxi Drivers Targeted in De Blasio’s New York


Marxist city planners will make the American dream that much harder for new arrivals.

Bill de Blasio’s Communist Pals

NYC Leaders Hold Press Conf. Urging New Iranian President To Carry Out Reforms

Who will train New York’s finest — Sandinistas or former Stasi?

De Blasio’s Marxist Romance


Sandinista literacy program admired by NYC’s mayoral candidate was a Soviet creation.

Occupy Wall Street May Soon Occupy New York’s City Hall


The sad state of politics in the Big Apple.