The Diplomatic Track to War

Switzerland Iran Nuclear Talks

How Obama and his comrades have started the countdown to war.

Iran Nuke Deal Framework: Worst Fears Confirmed


An ominous preview of June.

Obama’s Surrender to Iran Postponed


Negotiations with the Islamic Republic will extend until June — as Congress prepares to act.

The Obama-Iran Deal: Anatomy of a Disaster


A victory for the Mullahs is on the horizon.

Iran Deal Secrets Revealed – by Iran


Read all about it in Tehran….not Washington.

Obama’s Fatal Nuclear Deal


A regional nuclear arms race hangs in the balance.

The Pointlessness of the Two-Phased Nuclear Deal

366376_Ayatollah Khamenei

The deceptive first stage to a dangerous deal.

Netanyahu’s Message of Truth to the American People


The voice against appeasement in our time.

Sanction Relief Empowering the Mullahs, Not Citizens


A year later, the verdict is in on Obama’s dirty deal with Iran.

Obama Helps Terror Go Nuclear


The president’s desperate drive to achieve a deal with Iran at any price.