The DNC Goes Broke


A fitting reflection on the party leading America into bankruptcy.

UC Economics Prof Says Real National Debt is $70 Trillion


That’s an increase of $13.5 trillion just since 2006, and is growing by more than $2 trillion a year.

Obama’s Death and Taxes Economy


Masquerading social policies as economic policies.

Federal Housing Administration Losses May Hit $115 Billion


Don’t call them losses. Call them wealth redistribution and social justice.

Dem-Controlled Detroit Defaults


Where a half century of leftist rule has gotten the residents of the Motor City.

It’s Official: Federal Debt Will Never Be Paid


And the implosion is coming.

Dogfight Ahead in Stockton, CA Bankruptcy


A precedent-setting government spending case likely headed to the Supreme Court.

Louie Gohmert: America Must Stop Paying Its Enemies

Picture 3

Can America afford to send Egypt’s Islamist president F-16s?

After Four Years, Dem Senate Passes a Budget


A doomed effort defined by crushing taxes and government spending.

An American Cyprus?


Everyone is scrambling to salvage what they can from an unsustainable system — are we next?