Western Arrogance and Decline


The West may have changed, but the world outside its borders is as brutal as ever.

The Coming Collapse of the Welfare State


The left isn’t just running out of money; it’s running out of people.

No Future for France


Why even the French are giving up on their own country.

Signposts on the Road to Decline

Barack Obama

Lessons from the failed British Empire — our common future?

A New Year in America: Will We Continue Down the Road to Decline?


America is following the usual pattern of demise — but the tide can be turned.

Sometimes a Bang, Sometimes a Whimper


David Goldman explains how the United States can escape the general decline of the West.

Taming Islamist Turkey


Turkey’s Prime Minister watches his star power rapidly fading.

From Surf to Serfdom


What the plight of the Massachusetts fishing industry tells us about Big Government.

Coming Apart, Coming Together


Charles Murray’s new book chronicles the decline of a nation.

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The Euro Crisis and the Decline of Europe


The days of reckoning for decades of cradle-to-grave socialism.

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