Democracy Alliance Invites Warren and Biden, Not Hillary Clinton


Obama’s money boys are sending a message.

Soros Network Ready to Boost Radical Groups


“Democracy Alliance” experiences growing pains — but remains a threat.

Billionaire Leftists Attack Your Gun Rights

Screen Shot 20120515 at 42616 PM

George Soros’s “Democracy Alliance” takes attacks on the Second Amendment to the next level.

Big Labor Taking Over Soros Piggybank

Screen Shot 20120515 at 42616 PM

Democracy Alliance scrambles to prevent a right-wing electoral tsunami.

George Soros and Democracy Alliance Billionaires are Plotting to Hijack the 2014 Election


The system has pumped an estimated $500 million

Obama Campaign Merges with George Soros


We’re getting a surreal glimpse of an entangled network in which a White House campaign is just another arm of a left-wing matrix of organizations funded by corrupt billionaires.

Soros’ Son Boasts of Defeating 7 of 8 Republicans


George Soros’s son sat on a panel that examined the role of money in the first post-Citizens United presidential election and assessed efforts to reduce its influence. Jonathan Soros boasted that Friends of Democracy — the super PAC he co-founded and underwrote with at least $762,000 — defeated seven of eight Republican members of Congress it targeted with ads and mail asserting they were beholden to big special interest money.

‘Panicked’ Soros Bankrolls Obama Campaign


Did left-wing ‘Mother Jones’ spike a story revealing the radical mega-funder’s true state of mind?

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Leftist War Chest on the Verge of Collapse?


An internal schism threatens to destroy George Soros’s financial clearinghouse.

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Occupy Wall Street and Soros’ Fingerprints


Who is funding the neo-communist uprising?

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