No, Don’t Have Patience With the Arab Spring


If we wait around a mere 120 years, two world wars and one Holocaust, we’ll be privileged to witness the rise of a democratic and free Egypt.

Sharia Now Egypt’s Law of the Land


The Muslim Brotherhood claims its greatest victory yet.

Democracy Promotion or Islamist Promotion?


The hope for freedom in Egypt becomes more delusional every day.

Muslim Brotherhood Steps Up Threats Against Protestors


An explosive situation develops in Egypt as tanks are deployed.

Obama and Morsi: Separated at Birth


An ocean divides the two men, but there is a good deal they have in common.

Muslim Brotherhood Puts Jordan in the Crosshairs


King Abdullah may cave under pressure.

Egypt and the Death of the ‘Arab Spring’


The country’s new constitution puts the final nail in the coffin of Egyptian democracy.

Muslim Brotherhood Tyrants Show Their True Faces


While the Obama administration stays mute.

With Democracy For All and Freedom for None


Why democracy fails in the Muslim World.

The Arab Spring and the Israeli Enemy


Time for the Arab world to re-evaluate its investment in continuous war rather than in education, health and infrastructure for its people.