The Muslim Brothers Take Over Egypt


And silence from the Obama administration.

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What the Ryan Choice Means for November


A stark choice awaits voters.

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A Map to the Muslim Middle East


An endless tale of endless violence and endless paranoia.

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Seven Fascinating Things I Learned in Israel


Surprising facts about the Jewish State that your tour guide won’t tell you.

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Remembering a Cuban Dissident


Oswaldo Payá gave his life for the cause of a free Cuba.

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Al-Qaeda, Islamists Seek Sharia State in Syria


How the Muslim Brotherhood-influenced Obama administration is empowering radicalized elements of the opposition.

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Putin vs. the Punks


An all-female punk band languishes in Russia’s prison system for criticizing the thugocrat in charge.

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How Obama Engineered Mideast Radicalization


The untold story of the “Arab Spring.”

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Hillary Clinton Blesses the Brotherhood


The Secretary of State pledges U.S. help to make Egypt’s Sharia regime a “success.”

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The Democracy Delusion and Obama’s Failed Mideast Policy


When will the interests of the United States factor into the President’s foreign policy calculations?

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