Egyptian Democracy: New President Vows to Free Blind Sheikh


The true colors of the “Arab Spring” revealed.

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The Anti-Democratic Party


What the Wisconsin recall election really says about the political Left.

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Voting in Egypt as ‘Holy War’ to Empower Sharia


Indisputable evidence that, for many Muslims, elections are simply a gateway to Islamic theocracy.

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Putin Back with a Vengeance


The Russian autocrat begins his third term with a new crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators.

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Media Reveal the Muslim Brotherhood’s True Face


Islamists call for “United Arab States” with Jerusalem as its capital and for the supremacy of Sharia.

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Russia and the Communist Past


A new book crystallizes what Russia must do to have a remote possibility for democratic change.

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Egyptian Cleric: It’s an ‘Obligation to Cheat at Elections’


For the Islamist movement, democracy is but a means to a greater end.

Taking Down Assad Will Not Save Syria


To understand the problem, one only needs to look at neighboring Lebanon.

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Democracy’s Demons


Representative government is only as good — or as frightening — as the people it represents.

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Jihad: When Elections Fail


If elections go the way of Islamists, peace reigns; if not, terror returns.

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