Party of Criminals: Illegal Alien Addresses Democratic Convention


How long until we have the first illegal alien congressman or senator? Or president? One day Jose mayappear as an illegal alien to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for the presidency of the United States.

Democrats’ “Night of a 1000 Liars”


Two months ago Obama made a bet with the devil. “I bet that I can make a convention night where all the high profile speakers, including the chair of my own party, are absolutely shameless liars.” Bad news. The devil lost the bet.

Platform Chaos and Class Warfare at DNC


The Clinton charm offensive falls flat.

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Democrats Undemocratically Bring Back God and Jerusalem


There’s nothing like trying to reinsert language about God and Jerusalem that you removed and then tried to put back to fix your broken image, only to be booed by your own delegates who clearly aren’t fans of either God or Jerusalem… to show the country what you really stand for.

Obama’s Strange All-Abortion, All-The-Time Convention


The idea that a national party would dedicate its convention to abortion would have been strange enough even if there wasn’t a major economic crisis on everyone’s minds. It’s even stranger since no one seriously thinks that Mitt Romney, who at one point supported abortion, is about to outlaw abortion or affect it significantly in any way.

What to Expect at the Democratic Convention


The Left offers an outmoded platform only the walking dead could follow.

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Obama Outdoor Speech May Be Rained Out


So much for being able to lower the seas. Obama doesn’t even seem to be able to control the rain. He has trouble even using an umbrella.

Three Democrat Women for Dependency


Who is really destroying women’s independence?

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The Right’s PC Police – by Jacob Laksin


The Reid affair is one conversation about race Republicans shouldn’t want to have.