Ron Radosh: What Conservatives Need to Know About Joe McCarthy

I noticed the controversy over the late Senator McCarthy in the comments column at NewsReal. It is a mistake for conservatives to think that just because McCarthy’s targets were real, the Senator did no harm. Stan Evans has contributed mightily to this confusion in his [...]

Adding Illegal Aliens to Obamacare

Would it be immoral to deny illegal aliens the right to purchase medical insurance under Obamacare?  According to a guest on the O’Reilly Factor last night, the answer is yes ( he referred to the lawbreakers by the more benign sounding title, ”undocumented” immigrants).  Some left wing Democrats in Congress are also saying that illegal aliens should be covered.
Emergency-room [...]

The Democrats Dust Off an Old Myth

The last few weeks have not been kind to the aura of President Barack Obama.
Internationally, he has begun to be perceived as a weak leader. None of his campaign promises have led to any results on the international stage. The detention center at Guantanamo Bay is still open. The Middle East remains a mess. Oil [...]

Not-Subliminal Man: Play “Name that Buffoon” with Lawrence O’Donnell

Tuesday night on Countdown, Lawrence O’Donnell, substituted for Keith Olbermann and he did his best to live up to the low intellectual and moral standards of the regular host.
O’Donnell, who styles himself as a more sophisticated and honest lefty, willing to take on his own side and occasionally praise the other side, engaged in juvenile [...]

Media Matters: where scare quotes magically transform facts into “smears”

One of the left’s favorite (and lamest) rhetorical tricks is to simply reprint one of their opponent’s statements, verbatim, and without comment. You see, the statement’s idiocy and offensiveness is self-evident, and will surely shock the conscience of any “right thinking” reader. No rebuttal required.
It’s a lazy, sophomoric ploy. I suppose the left has been [...]