The Racist, Discriminating Democratic Party


The real enemy of minorities unveiled.

Wife of Democratic Politician Narrates Holocaust Denier’s Documentary Claiming the Sun Revolves Around the Earth


Democrats are the party of science

California’s ObamaCare Sends Voter Cards Pre-Marked for Democratic Party


There’s only one option in the new Democratic California.

The California Democratic Establishment and their Violent “Change Agent” Gangster


The Department of Homeland Security has been trying to deport Chow

FBI Raids Strike Democratic Party of Crooks Nationwide


The Democratic Party faces a major crisis of corruption.

Corrupt Pennsylvania Dem Attorney General Kane Refuses to Charge Dem Pols Caught Accepting Bribes


Party of Criminals.

Massachusets Dems Honor Politician Convicted of Extortion and Bribery


What’s a little bribery and extortion between colleagues?

Dem Congressman Calls Cancer Survivor Whose Insurance was Killed by ObamaCare a Liar

gary peters obamacare

Boonstra wrote in her letter, “I don’t understand why you’re trying to silence my voice.”

The Democratic Party Sold the American Political System for Only $720 Million

CT  CT cons-save-dirty-money0001.jpg

And all it took was bankrupting the country.

Democratic Official Caught with Drugs and 5 Food Stamp Cards


Her own mother, Mayor Callie Mobley, was prosecuted for stealing from the village