Obama Power Grabs on the Horizon

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How the Democratic Party will show its totalitarian face in the coming weeks.

Democrats Now Claiming That Cops in Schools Won’t Stop School Shootings


“It’s an incredibly false notion to think that simply by having armed guards in our schools that somehow that will deter someone who is dead-on going to try to take not only the lives of other people but in this case and other cases themselves as well,” Crowley said at a Capitol Hill news conference Friday afternoon. “The way in which the NRA is approaching this now is irrational.”

America in Decline


Is American exceptionalism evaporating?

What Do Young People Believe?


Is there hope for the next generation?

The Socialist Democrats: An Election Primer


The face of the modern Democratic Party.

Let Detroit Go Bankrupt? It Already Has


How the Left destroyed one of America’s greatest cities.

Joe Biden’s Religion: Catholicism or Leftism?


The vice president’s bad faith arguments.

‘Panicked’ Soros Bankrolls Obama Campaign


Did left-wing ‘Mother Jones’ spike a story revealing the radical mega-funder’s true state of mind?

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The Leftist Leviathan


David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin expose the new reality of American politics.

CAIR Boasts of Muslim Vote


A curious claim from the notorious Muslim “civil rights” group.

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