Can the Democrats Get Rid of Hillary?

Hillary Clinton

The Clintons have the Democratic Party by the throat.

Why Democrats Hate the Internet


The Internet was only meant to be open until they could close it.

Andrew Klavan: The Magic Box of Leftism


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Video: Why America Invaded Iraq


Noted British historian, Andrew Roberts, sets the record straight.

Andrew Klavan: How the Media See the Midterms


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Obama Deports American Jobs


The Democrats want to trade American jobs to illegal aliens for votes.

The Democrats Failed White Voters


Beating up on white women won’t change that.

The Democrats’ Great Betrayal


An unprecedented treachery for which the world is paying a dear price.

Democrats’ Voter ID Lies

Voting Booths

Eleven disturbing voter fraud facts leftists pretend not to know.

Democrats Join The Ferguson Lynch Mob As The Case Against Officer Wilson Collapses

Religious leaders hold up their hands as the riot police move in during a protest at the Ferguson Police Department in Ferguson

An autopsy report shatters a leftist lie designed to pocket black votes.