Roger Garaudy: From Stalinist to Islamist


The Muslim world mourns a Jew-hater.

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Rejecting the Terrorist Label


The Obama administration refuses to call a Taliban-allied and al-Qaeda-linked jihadist group what it is.

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Ignoring the Victims of Islamic Gender Apartheid

A look into the Left’s callous disinterest in the millions of women barbarized by Sharia.

Islamic ‘Honor’ Murder and Leftist Silence


Frontpage’s editor addresses Newport Harbor Republican Women on the lethal unholy alliance.

Islamic ‘Honor’ Murder and Leftist Silence


Frontpage Editor speaks on the Unholy Alliance to Newport Harbor Republican Women.

The Unlearned Lessons of Daniel Pearl’s Murder


Ten years later, denial over why the journalist was killed continues to hamstring our response to jihadist terror.

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Good Riddance to the Jew-haters and Terrorists on the Flotilla to Gaza, Shame on Their Domestic Apologists and Supporters at Salon

Desmond Tutu has condemned the Israelis for defending their waters and their soldiers and for dealing with armed jihadists as armed jihadists should be dealt with. This particular unsavory crew launched their attack with chants celebrating Mohammed’s murder of Jews in the 7th century, which should be a crucial reminder to everyone in denial that [...]

Harry Potter and the Vanishing Jihad


Has J.K. Rowling sent us a coded message?

Pro-Palestinianism: A Movement of Hate, Pt. IV

Picture 2

Will the truth about Israel overcome the vicious pro-Palestinian propaganda campaign?

Tolerating Ahmadinejad’s Jew-Hate


A dangerous policy.