Maher and Harris Educate Affleck about Islam


Yet another leftist actor reveals his ignorance.

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry testifies at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee while on Capitol Hill in Washington

The danger of our leaders’ attempt to dissociate Islam from the violence committed in its name.

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The heavy price we pay for our culture’s delusions on Islam.

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A Radical-in-Chief’s denial about Jihad — and its deadly price.

The Islamic Terror Orchestra


Singing to the tune of “Allahu Akbar.”

Obama Delivers Empty Rhetoric About ISIS


The enemy isn’t exactly quaking in its boots.

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Support for a lynch mob; Willful blindness to Islamic beheadings.

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Dr. Mark Durie analyzes how the world blinds itself to the Islamic theological foundation of a vicious Islamic crime.

‘Nakba Denial’?


The Left’s latest invention to undermine the Jewish State.

Psychoanalysis, Islam, and Joseph Massad


Jihad-Denial comes to Stanford University.