9/11 Terrorist: “Send me to Gitmo”


The left insists that Guantanamo Bay is a national shame and the worst place on earth.

The Lawless Bergdahl Swap


Congress fumes over secret deal to trade a possible defector for five hardened terrorists.

Gitmo Terrorists Got Better Medical Care than American Vets


The 150 Jihadis have 100 doctors and nurses assigned to them

Obama to Free Osama bin Laden’s Bodyguard


Obama’s own task force claimed Mujahid was too dangerous to release

Al Qaeda Terrorists at Gitmo Get 6 Hours of Art Classes a Week

Bob Ross.2

They killed 3,000 Americans and all we give them is six hours of art classes a week.

Freed Gitmo Terrorist Arrested in Israel Plotting Bio Weapons Attack


Why do we keep releasing “innocent” Gitmo terrorists?