Oops! “Peaceful” Imam Tried to Shoot Cop in Past

The Detroit News reports that the late, unlamented, radical imam, Luqman Ameen Abdullah who died in a shootout with the FBI, tried to grab a gun and shoot a Livonia cop in 1980.   The Imam Formerly Known As Christopher Thomas has a long record apparently, of “peaceful resistance.”
THE DETROIT NEWS: Livonia — The man who [...]

How Many Terror Attacks are Needed Before America Wakes Up?

It was a strange coincidence. I was sitting here working on another blot post, Glenn Beck’s Fox show on in the background, being distracted by one of my political text fights with my “progressive” friend Pat Ray, aka “Clergyman P-Ray.”
(This happens all the time. Pat and I are always sending incendiary political provocations to one [...]

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