Detroit Police Chief Narrowly Avoids Carjacking


Craig said he found carjacking was “almost like a way of life in Detroit.”

Puerto Rico May Be the Next Detroit


Puerto Rico has a $87 billion debt. Half the men in Puerto Rico don’t work. One in six working-age claim disability benefits.

Obama Gives Detroit $150 Mil to Demolish Buildings


Emperor Nero could probably have done it cheaper.

Detroit has the Highest Property Taxes of any Major City


Detroit taxes have to be twice as high to compensate for the fact that half of Detroit property owners don’t pay them.

Detroit has More Stray Dogs than People with College Degrees


“It was almost post-apocalyptic, where there are no businesses, nothing except people in houses and dogs running around.”

Detroit Nabe Beats Child Rapist w/Baseball Bat After Waiting Month for Arrest


Detroit is quickly becoming a libertarian experiment as governance collapses.

Bloomberg Agrees With Me, New York Could Be the Next Detroit


During Bloomberg’s three terms, pension costs have ballooned from $1.4 billion to $8.3 billion.

Detroit Cops Begin Supplementing Missing Pensions with Armed Robbery


Some Detroit cops are finding creative ways to supplement their income.

Detroit Planning to Fight Bankruptcy by Dumping City Employees into Obamacare


“That’s going to be a huge cost for the United States government, and it’s mandatory spending.”

How Taxpayers Will Bail Out Detroit


And every other liberal financial sinkhole in the nation — through ObamaCare.