Bloomberg Agrees With Me, New York Could Be the Next Detroit


During Bloomberg’s three terms, pension costs have ballooned from $1.4 billion to $8.3 billion.

Detroit Cops Begin Supplementing Missing Pensions with Armed Robbery


Some Detroit cops are finding creative ways to supplement their income.

Detroit Planning to Fight Bankruptcy by Dumping City Employees into Obamacare


“That’s going to be a huge cost for the United States government, and it’s mandatory spending.”

How Taxpayers Will Bail Out Detroit


And every other liberal financial sinkhole in the nation — through ObamaCare.

Obama’s Bankrupt Economic Agenda


The president confirms that the victims of his disastrous policies should expect more.

Detroit’s Present, America’s Future


Why the country is headed for the same dem-designed disaster.

91.2% of Detroit’s Crimes Go Unsolved


Ms. Boyce goes to the park for exercise, wearing a fanny pack that at times contains a gun

Judge Voids Detroit Bankruptcy, Says it “Dishonors Obama”


Aquilina said she would make sure President Obama got a copy of her order. “I know he’s watching this,” she said,

Detroit Becomes Largest American City to File for Bankruptcy


“This could run to tens-of-millions to hundreds-of-millions of dollars,” he said.

Dem-Controlled Detroit Defaults


Where a half century of leftist rule has gotten the residents of the Motor City.