Detroit’s Present, America’s Future


Why the country is headed for the same dem-designed disaster.

91.2% of Detroit’s Crimes Go Unsolved


Ms. Boyce goes to the park for exercise, wearing a fanny pack that at times contains a gun

Judge Voids Detroit Bankruptcy, Says it “Dishonors Obama”


Aquilina said she would make sure President Obama got a copy of her order. “I know he’s watching this,” she said,

Detroit Becomes Largest American City to File for Bankruptcy


“This could run to tens-of-millions to hundreds-of-millions of dollars,” he said.

Dem-Controlled Detroit Defaults


Where a half century of leftist rule has gotten the residents of the Motor City.

Detroit Offering Creditors 10 Cents on the Dollar


Al Qaeda is alive and Detroit is bankrupt.

Obama Inc. Sells GM Stock for $10 Billion Loss


It’s no surprise that when the government gets into the stock business, it’s going to lose and lose big.

Bankrupt Detroit May Force Museum to Sell Van Gogh and Degas Paintings

rodin for sale

These days Detroit doesn’t need art. The average Detroit resident thinks art is a guy who sells heroin down the block.

Detroit May File for Bankruptcy

A vacant, boarded up house is seen in the once thriving Brush Park neighborhood with the downtown Detroit skyline behind it in Detroit,

Obama bailed out GM and Chrysler, but from the looks of things, before too long he may have to bail out all of Motor City.

Toxic Government by Democrats: Detroit


Minorities and the poor have suffered the most under decades of progressive rule.