The Return of Jizya to Egypt


Stage two of the Islamic purification of the country begins.

The Baptist-Brotherhood Political Alliance


Another interfaith triumph for ISNA.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em?


European conduct in a time of conquest.

Bowing and Scraping, Scandinavia-Style


In search of the ultimate in dhimmitude? Look to Norway!

The Collective Punishment of Egypt’s Christian Copts


Islamic law in full effect

Siding with Savages


Dhimmis choose denial.

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Collective Punishment Under Islam


Jihadists target Christians “wherever they can reach them.”

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A Judeo-Muslim Civilization?


A UC Berkeley conference reimagines Muslim-Jewish relations — and fails.

Building (mental) Blocks

Here’s Muslim Bassam Tibi on Islamic peace:
“At its core, Islam is a religious mission to all humanity. Muslims are religiously obliged to disseminate the Islamic faith throughout the world. “We have sent you forth to all mankind” (Q. 34:28). If non-Muslims submit to conversion or subjugation, this call (da’wa) can be pursued peacefully. If they [...]