Under Obama, the New Mission of the Special Forces is to Make Muslims Like Them


“You can’t surge trust.”

Ex-CAIR Official Celebrates Victory Over “Zionist Hollywood” for Forcing Cancellation of Alice in Arabia

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That would be the same “Zionist Hollywood”, in which terrorists are never Muslim

Liberals Happy to Denounce Jihadists… as Long as They’re Republicans


We’ve heard more Democrats talk lately about Jihadists than after Nidal Hasan’s massacre

Police Investigate “Troubling” Note Urging Prayers for Victims of Kenya Mall Massacre


Lt. Ron Driscoll, of the Murrieta Police Department, said the note contained no explicit threats but was suspicious.

BBC Told Reporters Not to Describe Mall Murdering Jihadists as “Terrorists”

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Instead he referred to the culprits as ‘Islamic militants’,

DC Grants 9/11 Permit to Anti-American Muslims, Denies it to Patriotic Bikers


The countdown to Sept. 11 commemoration demonstrations by patriotic bikers versus a fringe Muslim “truther” group is taking shape.

The Battle Over the Fort Hood Jihadist’s Beard Begins Again


According to army regulations, prisoners who resist grooming may be tied to a restraint chair and then shaved.

Military Training Materials Call America’s “Founding Fathers” Extremists; Like 9/11 Terrorists

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“In U.S. history,there are many examples of extremist ideologies. The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule…”

Spanish Island Bans Drinking to Replace Europeans with Muslim Tourists

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Two million British holidaymakers and 3.4 million German tourists visited the island last year

Gitmo Inmate Searches Banned Because Groin Searches are “Abhorrent to Muslims”


Things that aren’t abhorrent to Muslims include underwear bombs, smuggling weapons and stabbing guards.