Judeophobia on Full Display at UCLA


Students vote for economic warfare against the Jewish State.

Presbyterian Church Slams Israel —- Ignores Christian Persecution


The warped priorities of a left-wing church.

Presbyterian Divestment Stokes Ancient Fires


The Presbyterian Church (USA) brings anti-Semitism into the mainstream.

Billions in Debt, Stanford University “Divests” from Coal Stocks

Stanford v Duke

Because having $4.8 billion in debt just isn’t enough.

The Agony of Moral Defeat


A tale of two leftists and their broken dreams.

How To Fight The Left in Political War — On The Glazov Gang


TruthRevolt’s Ben Shapiro, Jeremy Boreing and Elisha Krauss shed light on the tactics that lead to victory.

The Lame-Brain Oil Divestment Campaign


The disturbing growth of an up-and-coming movement leading America to ruin.

Anti-Israel Zealots Chastise Episcopal Church


Church stands tall against calls to boycott “apartheid” Israel.

United Methodists Reject Divestment


Victory against the anti-Israel Christian movement.

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Smear Attack Against Israel Defenders at UC San Diego


Fabricated accusations of harassment leveled against student and professor for their opposition to Israel divestment.

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