Bill Ayers Shocked to be Portrayed as “Some Kind of Public Enemy”


You’re in a terrorist organization that goes to war with America and for some crazy reason, you’re depicted as a public enemy.

Aquinas, Obama, and the Propaganda War to Annihilate Israel

“Acts proceed from essence.” According to Aquinas, we can know the nature of a principle by observing the acts that flow from it. Crucial time and effort could be saved by applying this rule when analyzing the policies of Barack Obama.
President Barack Obama’s actions will disarm and deform the two most significant democracies in the [...]

Bill Ayers, Israel’s Latest Attacker – by P. David Hornik


The former Weatherman terrorist takes Hamas’s line toward the Jewish state.

Thanksgiving With Bill Ayers: Fugitive Days and Obama’s Plan for Afghanistan


Books are the mind’s feast even when they are controversial. While Americans gathered to thank God for our beloved country, I spent much of Thanksgiving seeing America through the eyes of a man who detests her. William Ayers, author of Fugitive Days, is a professor at the University of Chicago. His resume [...]