Sure Paul, Porn is Harmful — In the Same Way That Beer, Cigarettes, and Double Downs are Harmful

The above image of KFC’s forthcoming “Double Down” sandwich is no different from pornography. Some people make look at it with joy and anticipation. Others will be repulsed.
In the debate about pornography Paul Cooper and I don’t really have a meaningful disagreement. We’re both share the position that government should not try and prosecute [...]

Porn Debate On NewsReal: Let’s Get Some Facts

New research has proven that pornography is harmful to culture, families, and marriages.

Is Porn Destroying Marriages? Should Government Intervene?

Larry Flynt: Wrecker of Marriages? Try again…
The answers are “No” and “Absolutely not.”
Dr. Helen has a great column at Pajamas Media today effectively making those points in response to “Anonymous” over at National Review.
Dr. Helen says:
Perhaps when Anonymous was writing this article, she should have taken a look at both sides of the porn [...]