‘Network’ is ‘really’ about Glenn Beck soooooo sleeeepppyyyy zzzzzzzzz

I’m a (B-) movie buff, so I love Trailers From Hell, despite the knee jerk liberalism that so often ruins their otherwise entertaining and educational voice-overs.
I knew before I clicked “play” that their mini-seminar on Network (1976) would include a tossed-off Glenn Beck reference. After all, the left has been compulsively comparing Beck to the [...]

Sullying the Good Name of Frederick Douglass: First Self-Parodying Hate Mail, Then an Automatically-Deleted Anti-Semitic Comment

NRB got some hate mail last week from a coward calling himself “Fredrick Douglass.” (Apparently his admiration for the great anti-slavery orator is so overwhelming he’s unable to spell the name correctly.) The email was pathetic in its illiteracy and reliance on anti-American cliches:
Message body:
I have to laugh when I read the phoney baloney outrage [...]