Obama’s Illegal DREAMER Mini-Amnesty Only Denied 1% of Applicants


About 400,000 “Dreamers” have been allowed to stay in the United States

The Senate Immigration Bill: Another Legislative Disaster


The rush to solve a whole host of complex problems with a massive, muddled bill.



How Obama controls the push for illegal alien amnesty.

A Taste of Amnesty: Obama DREAM Act was Implemented Without Background Checks


An email chain from September 5 and through November 14 indicates managerial pressure not to turn any illegal alien applicant away for lack of ID

20,000 of Obama’s Illegal Alien DREAMERS Looking for Financial Aid in California


More than 20,000 college-bound students are seeking state financial aid for the first time under California’s new Dream Act laws that allow them to get the help despite their immigration status.

California Bill to Give Obama’s DREAMer Illegal Aliens Unemployment Benefits


Legislation introduced Tuesday would give about 400,000 undocumented immigrants in California the same rights as citizens to unemployment benefits and various other government services. Assembly Bill 35 targets a select group of undocumented immigrants, participants in President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, who came to the United States as youths and have lived generally productive lives for numerous years.

How Obama’s ‘DREAMers’ Will Get Social Security Numbers and Become Legal Residents


A “glitch” in the system?

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Arizona, Nebraska Take Stand Against Obama’s Amnesty


Another states vs. federal government showdown heats up.

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Obama’s Administrative Amnesty Sets Dangerous Standards


Illegal aliens only suspected of crimes are still a danger to the public.

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Violent Offenders Let Go Under New Obama Immigration Policy


How the president has made things easier for the worst illegal aliens in our midst.

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