Conservative Hollywood Icon Dennis Hopper Dies

How can we remember the cinema of the 1970s without the drug-induced rants from Dennis Hopper in both Easy Rider and Apocalypse Now? Unfortunately, last year it was revealed that Hopper was battling something just as serious as his previous drug addiction, prostate cancer. Hopper died this morning at the age of 74.
After battling drug [...]

When Ideology Destroys Cinema: Why Ben Shapiro Misses Out on My Favorite Film of the Decade

John Nolte has done it again. He’s gotten conservative film lovers abuzz over a new article at his indispensable Big Hollywood blog.
The commotion is about Ben Shapiro’s post today which claims to name the 10 most overrated Hollywood directors.
The article is a hyperbolic provocation, not to be taken seriously. Shapiro makes dumb statements like,
The auteur [...]

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