Saved by Love from the Islamic State


Dutch mother daringly rescues her daughter, and jihad-bride-to-be, from the claws of ISIS.

How to Confront the Islamic State


It is time for us to do our duty and enforce the following measures.

So Long, Queen Beatrix


A reign plagued by missed opportunities to defend Dutch culture from Islamic hostility.

The Gruesome Reality of Racist South Africa


Leftist silence on the genocidal race hatred of the Marxist government they once supported.

Europe’s Muslim Hiterlites


Dutch TV shows Muslim kids praising Hitler and hoping for a new Holocaust.

Harlem Then and Now


It’s painful to realize that youngsters growing up in the same place I did have far less chances for success.

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The Low Countries at Their Lowest


A Dutch journalist exposes the leftist slant of his country’s most respected newspaper.

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Geert Wilders: Freedom on Trial


The Dutch politician goes on trial for insulting Islam.