The Human-Hating Roots of the Green Movement

Denis Hayes

Behind the environmentalist facade lies a totalitarian agenda that is already being enacted.

Earth Day against the Earthlings


The Left’s people-hating holiday and its population control roots.

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Al Gore’s Climate Change Cult Targets Teens

Apparently educators are so occupied with cutting the microphones of renegade valedictorians who thank God at graduation and censoring  flute renditions of Ave Maria, there’s no time left to protect tender young minds from Al Gore’s faithful cult following, the Inconvenient Youth.
Defined by Wikipedia as an environmental group serving grades K-12, Inconvenient Youth will commemorate today’s [...]

Obama, Biden say: “Happy Earth Day, suckas!”

It’s Earth Day — and don’t you forget it! When my husband left for work this morning, he found a notice stuck to our condo door, announcing that we’d soon be getting “green boxes” (to compost kitchen waste) to go along with our “blue” boxes (cans/bottles) and “grey” ones (paper.) We’re working on a rude [...]

Earth Day: Liar, liar, river’s (not) on fire

Hello, Cleveland!! Doove Doove DOOOOOOVE! Doove-doove da-DOOVE!
Sorry: that was me playing “Smoke on the Water” on air guitar…
Anyhow: President Obama just made a special video message for Earth Day (April 22), saying in part:
Forty-one years ago, in the city of Cleveland, people watched in horror as the Cuyahoga river, choked with debris and covered in [...]

Google Goes Jihad


The search engine giant kowtows to Islamic supremacists.