Remembering the 65th Anniversary of the Hadassah Medical Convoy Massacre

Hadassah Convoy Massacre 1948

The Hadassah Convoy Massacre was not the worst of the atrocities, but the burning alive of doctors and nurses in a medical convoy, showed Israelis that peace was impossible.

West Longs for Jew-Free Zones in Jerusalem


For a preview of a Palestinian-controlled “East Jerusalem” look to the disaster of Bethlehem.

Jerusalem’s Day in Court


The Obama administration again takes a position more Palestinian than that of the Palestinians.

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No Honorary Degree for Israel-Hater Tony Kushner


CUNY holds an Israel-basher accountable for libelous statements against the Jewish State.

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Hanging Israel Out to Dry


Obama turns his back on the only safe-haven of freedom in the Middle East.

The Last Best Hope


The world is a cruel place — and if America weakens, it will get crueler.

Jewish Scapegoating Club — Coming to a College Campus Near You

It must be tough to be a Jewish student in the University of California system these days — what with even the mainstream leftist student organizations aligning to blame Israel for Middle Eastern troubles.
This week, student organizations at two universities — UC San Diego and UC Berkeley — have exhibited great hostility toward the Jewish [...]

The Anti-Israel Lobby


J-Street can no longer claim to support the Jewish state.

Selective Outrage


Silence on the brutal occupation of Georgia reveals global double standard toward Israel.

Will the Palestinians Just Declare a State?


As cold winds blow from Washington, Israel is worried.