Bleak Jobs Report Perfect End Note to DNC


It’s the Democrats’ economy.

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The Left’s Lost Generation


Big government solutions to the nation’s ills wreak havoc on American youth.

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The End of America


Unemployment rates of those 16-24 are now officially over 50%. Even the cohort between 16 and 29 suffers from 45% unemployment. In short, in four years we have become Europeanized:

Dismal Economic News Haunts Dem Convention


$16 trillion of debt, a declining manufacturing sector, and record food stamp usage are hard to ignore.

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How China’s Phony Economy Fooled Obama


China’s economy is as hollow as its bridges. Obama’s insistence on imitating the People’s Republic of China would make our economy just as hollow.

Why You Will Never Buy a Car Again


If you’ve been waiting around to buy a new car, better hurry up. If Obama gets his way, the only car you will be able to buy will be a small hybrid cube and will cost more than you can afford.

Carter Casts Shadow over Democratic Convention


Democrats sabotage their own nominee with toxic symbolism.

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Israel’s ‘You Built It’ Culture


Why Mitt Romney was right about the culture of success.

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Obama for Sale


The president is cheaper than ever, but you still can’t afford him.

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Romney’s Stand and the Left’s Destruction of the Black Community


When will African Americans realize that the NAACP and progressives have been leading them off a cliff?

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