Let Detroit Go Bankrupt? It Already Has


How the Left destroyed one of America’s greatest cities.

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers


Debunking the bogus claims of the self-appointed truth keepers.

Post-Debate Media Cheerleading Won’t Fool Voters


A mildly alert Barack Obama impresses his fans, but not struggling Americans.

Obama Camp Works to Undercut Sheldon Adelson Venture


Obama campaign warns Spanish socialist party about the “Eurovegas” entrepreneur.

The European Union’s Undeserved Peace Prize


What other entity presents a greater threat to European democracy today?

Joe Biden Unhinged


Although much younger than Biden, Ryan was the only adult sitting at the VP debate table.

The Stock Market’s Chances are Linked to Romney’s Chances


The stock market and the entire economy are riding on the probability that Romney can take office and begin fixing some of the damage that Obama has done.

Is China’s Middle Class About to be Wiped Out?


The Communist leadership exempted themselves from popular revolt not just with tanks, but by giving the middle class a chance that they did not have in most Communist countries. When that chance is taken away, China’s long delayed revolution may return.

Romney Rising, Europe Panicking


Leaders reeling after Obama debate disaster.

Presidential Debate Makes Election Alternatives Clear


The philosophical face-off America needs.