Obama Economy Approval Rating Hits 35%


On the budget deficit, the percentage of people who approve of Obama’s handling went from 31 to 26.

Obama’s Legacy of Disaster


Leaving America worse off than he found it.

Capital, Capitalists and Capitalism (Part V)


The ethical wonder of the free market.

Capital, Capitalists and Capitalism (Part IV)


Why socialism inevitably fails.

Obama Promised 5% Unemployment Rate in Exchange for $800 Bil Stimulus


Guess how that worked out. It’s not hard. Remember it’s an Obama promise.

Job Growth Below Expectations, Lowest Increase in 4 Months

Romney Economy

Obama keeps claiming that the economy has recovered, but I don’t think he knows what that word means.

Obamacare May Wipe Out 2% of America’s Workforce


At least the folks on the death panels will still keep their jobs.

Obama and Marx’s Ten-Point Platform (Part II)


The president’s Marxian policies unveiled.

Obama: If There Were More Gov Workers, Deficit Would be Lower, Tax Revenues Would be Higher


Maybe instead of asking for his birth certificate, we should have been asking for his first grade math scores.

76% of White Americans Feel Economically Insecure Under Obama


More than 76 percent of whites endure joblessness, life on welfare or near-poverty.