Social Security Disability Program May Hit Shortfalls by 2016


The number of US workers claiming disability insurance increased by 22 percent in 5 years

Obama’s Startling Second Inaugural Admission


Four years later, all he can say is “an economic recovery has begun”?

Obama Jobs Council Has Not Met for a Year


Barack Obama’s Jobs Council hit a notable milestone on Thursday: one year without an official meeting. The 26-member panel is also set to expire at the end of the month, unless Obama extends its tenure.

Liberalism Versus Blacks


50 years of failed ideology.

Weekly Jobless Claims Now Up to 371,000


The number of people filing for first-time unemployment benefits in the week ending Saturday rose to 371,000 from a revised 367,000 the previous week, the Labor Department said Thursday. It was the fourth straight weekly increase.

Are We Already in a New Recession?


Much of the economic data say yes.

Grab Your Parachute


No deal yet on fiscal cliff.

Recession II: Holiday Sales Worst Since 2008


A Christmas day retail report shows that U.S. holiday sales in the past two months slowed to a trickle, growing only 0.7 percent compared to last year – the slowest growth since holiday sales declined on the heels of the financial crisis in 2008.

Egypt Credit Rating Downgraded to “Junk” Status


The Egyptian pound is down to its lowest level against the dollar in eight years and Egyptians are scrambling to convert pounds into dollars. Currency reserves are at 15 billion, just enough to cover three months of food imports, as Egypt is a food importer. And Egyptian banks are bringing in dollars from abroad while stocks are falling.

Consumer Confidence Hits 5 Month Low, Consumer Spending Down


Consumer spending is down to its lowest point since May. Consumer confidence is at its lowest point since June. The media is shouting about the “fiscal cliff” but most people aren’t following the topic. What they do know is that they can expect another 4 years of the same and they’re hanging on to their money over the next 4 years, preparing to ride through the storm.