Global Warming Lecture Cancelled Due to Unexpected Blizzard

Bike to work. Save the planet.

Who could have predicted that? Not a Climate Change expert.

Obama Blew $120 Billion on Global Warming


What could you do with 120 billion dollars?

Eugenics: Obama Budget Promotes Abortion to Protect Endangered Species


“Made available for family planning where population growth threatens endangered species.”

Obama’s Interior Secretary to Dying Eskimos: “I’ve Listened to Your Stories, Now I Have to Listen to the Animals.”


“I sat there in labor not knowing if I was going to die or my kid was going to die. “

Greenpeace Co-Founder: No Evidence of Man-Made Global Warming


“We are not capable of predicting which way temperatures will go next.”

Majority of Americans Reject Myth of “Man-Made Global Warming”


Only 13% of Democrats believed that ObamaCare was working well

New York Times Comic Jokes About Killing Global Warming “Deniers”


It’s hilarious coming from an ideology responsible for the murder of millions

Obama’s Green Energy: Electricity Prices Increased 33%, Electricity Production Fell


The U.S. is producing less electricity than it did seven years ago

Did Warmism Cause the Government to Predict a Warm Winter?

animal spir

The science is settled.

Kerry Fights Global Warming by Jetting Around, Generating 12 Tons of CO2

"I have brought peace in our time."

According to John Kerry PhD, carbon is only emitted by conservatives.